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SmallCap specialists

We are passionate about SmallCap and love what we do.

We are an independent boutique in which all employees participate in the success of the company.  We are free of conflicts of interest and avoid the problems often associated with the bureaucracy and politics of large organisations.

Experience goes a long way towards successful investing in European SmallCap.  Established in 1991, Montanaro enjoys a track record spanning over 20 years and is currently the largest SmallCap specialist in Europe with one of the strongest and most consistent track records.

We are passionate about SmallCap and have some of the best talent in the industry within our team. A “family” approach is the hallmark of Montanaro: we firmly believe that happy employees are more productive and that quality of life is important.

We seek to identify the hidden gems within Europe’s universe of 6,000 quoted companies. We focus on the highest quality companies run by the best managers operating in growth markets. When we find a “Montanaro” company, we rarely sell. We are genuine long-term investors.

The management structure within Montanaro is flat which allows for quick decision-making – it is not investment by committee.  We are an entrepreneurial company investing in companies run by entrepreneurs.

We have a strong track record for consistent outperformance and strong risk-adjusted absolute returns over several market and business cycles. We believe that our exclusive focus on quality, cash generative and market-leading companies sets us apart from the crowd.